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Discovering Me Workshops

This one off contribution will go towards alleviating the costs put on parents/carers and organisations who want their young people to be heard, seen and valued.

Donating to our workshops allows us to centre young people’s mental wellbeing, give them a chance to explore their identity and strengthen their aspirations.

Make a one-off donation to our full project

This one off contribution to our project will reduce and hopefully eliminate the fee for organisations and young people who need our project. Find out more about our project.

Continuous Support

If you would like to support our mission ensuring marginalised young people are seen, heard and valued. Contribute to the work done to provide spaces for current and future generations to feel empowered. You want to guarantee that all young people and those that work with them are continuously educated and supported in providing truly inclusive spaces. Please do so here.

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Image by Zach Lucero

Let’s Make A Change for Our Future Generation

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